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March 12, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on a few different mini-comics.

* someone please loan me a half million so I can bid for Gerald Scarfe's portrait of Winston Churchill and still have enough money left over my family doesn't hate me. That should be some auction overall.

* not comics: received a couple of nice notes about the passing of Joe B. Stewart, brother to Bhob.

* the great cartoonist Lat pays tribute to the late teacher who was a focus of his Kampung Boy.

* Doaa el-Adl has a go at ten Egyptian laws that are discriminatory against women. It's hard to imagine many of the editorial cartoonists in North America being asked for this kind of analysis, but maybe it happens, I don't know. Some of them would be pretty good at it.

* kids explore a darker side of Dr. Seuss.

* Kenny Mah profiles Sam Hepburn. Rosalind Duane profiles Graham Harrop. Mason Johnson profiles Alex Nall.

* finally: hey, it's a Sam Glanzman t-shirt.
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