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March 14, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Joe Sacco is not only one of the best cartoonists but one of the most articulate, so I'm saving up this interview with the cartoonist at Inkstuds like it's treasure, because it is.

image* there's a bit of stuff around the Internet as it relates to cartooning the earthquake/tsunami crisis being experience in Japan. Michael Cavna and Daryl Cagle have round-ups of cartoons on the matter. Chris Butcher asks that you consider joining him with a donation to one of the charities, suggesting Doctors Without Borders. Scott Morse is auctioning off a limited print of this fine looking samurai/Totoro image, proceeds to go to the Red Cross.

* S. Clay Wilson is always worth one's time.

* I hadn't seen this when I first got up, but I guess the super-talented art director Jacob Covey and his family were made temporarily homeless on their Hawaii trip because of the tsunami, with damage coming near but not actually on the place they're staying. Still: a night in the car. He updated on his Facebook account to let everyone know they're safe and sound.

* a look at the walls in Mike Dawson's studio.

* things are going to continue to be weird for a while as people drop prices on certain projects and not on others and both other individuals and companies will look at the sales results and try to figure out if they mean anything for their specific situation.

* it's always fun to look at cartoonists' thumbnails. Here's a set from Eleanor Davis.

* Stephan Pastis is a frighteningly effective blogger.

* speaking of people with skills away from the drawing table, it's been proven over and over that the cartoonist Seth is an excellent writer about comics. Here he reviews Ben Katchor's latest.

* don't like a mainstream comics plotline? Create your own!

* this headline made me laugh. This title makes me laugh, but there's a slight edge to it.

* finally, despite what this headline suggests, it seems to me that while Hawkman's origin seems more confusing now, it was never all that clear. I do love that weird visual with the birds and the man-heads, though.
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