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March 15, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* is it my imagination or did Wizard finally finish this product-focused site re-launch?

image* Neilalien is in search of comic books' first true interracial kiss, and rounds up a bunch of candidates. I don't know why he punks on the Killraven one; maybe it's because the post-apocalyptic setting softens the political/cultural ramifications? The Killraven one was memorable to many Marvel fans of that era not so much because of the kissing but because it was one of only a dozen or so Don McGregor panels from the 1970s that didn't have at least 300 words in it. (I kid because I love.) Also, minus ten nerd points if you thought in terms of Howard The Duck and Beverly Switzer, even for three seconds, during any part of this paragraph or Neilalien's post.

* Ted Rall's newsletter reminded me that his Kickstarter effort to have various readers and supporters (and, perhaps, enemies) send him back to Afghanistan has raised (as of Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET) $11,005 of the $25,000 necessary. I don't plan on writing about a whole of kickstarter projects with a comics hook, but I wrote about that one before I decided it wasn't always going to be appropriate, and it's one of the more interesting projects attempting to be funded that way.

* someone told me this eruption of nerd outrage over Hulk wielding Thor's hammer is highly amusing. I haven't read it yet. I guess another way to look at this kind of thing is that it's a failure of the editor, for whom some believe the partial job description is to maintain continuity issues for long-time fans and the health of the franchise. I like to think if I were writing comics I'd be trying to do wacky stuff all the time that probably would need to be voted down by a team of editors flying around in a UFO like the Superman Revenge Squad. Like could Henry Pym combine all of his various potions and gasses and do battle against something like Krakoa as a giant, raging half-man half-ant? Because that would be cool.

* I like this Scott Kurtz print he prepared for the Emerald City Con. It's funny to me that the Dick's signage tends to come in just behind the Space Needle as a recognizably iconic Seattle landmark for designs like this one. As the convention calendar settles down and as professional kind of settle into a routine concerning these shows, the ability they'll have to do specialty items and the like should increase.

* David sued Marvel?

* not comics: I will never in 100 years understand the costume impulse. On the other hand, "dude in a dress" was a fixture of the Thursday art walks for the last three years I lived there, so I guess this sort of makes sense.

* finally, the writer and comics historian Mark Evanier talks Violet Barclay, and gets into the gossip aspects of her legacy, notable because so little such gossip of that kind has ever made the rounds and those stories definitely made the rounds.
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