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March 16, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Noah Berlatsky and the Hooded Utilitarian gang recently sponsored a copyright roundtable.

image* here's's local Seattle Weekly with a view on The Great Omnibus Run Of 2010, complete with Jeremy Eaton illustration. (thanks, Matt Silvie)

* I found this essay by Jennifer de Guzman on San Diego's Comic-Con International to be pretty bizarre. I can't figure out why it's so hard for people to fathom that a city like San Diego might have conflicted feelings regarding Comic-Con. A lot of people in comics have conflicted feelings about Comic-Con.

* the writer and comics historian Mark Evanier notes the passing of comics fan turned filmmaker turned very occasional comics scribe Mike Valerio.

* seriously, when Todd Klein started examining logos, I think we were all waiting for this one.

* the writer Kurt Busiek explains how to break in, answers questions from his readers, does an interview with a Girl Scout and always wins.

* the cartoonist and writer Evan Dorkin uncovers a long list of projects he'd like to see collected. Someone make Dorkin the Emperor of Comics, pronto.

* that is one bitchin' letterhead.

* Ted Rall and David Essman on how to save newspapers.

* finally, after being asked to speak at this year's event, Dave Kellett reflects on Bill Watterson's 1989 address to the Festival of Cartoon Art hosted by Ohio State University.
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