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March 16, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* an excellent slideshow of cartooning and caricature as being used on the ground in Libya.

image* Rob Clough interviews Mari Naomi for the still-new TCJ. I'm glad they're using Clough. That guy does the work.

* this has already made the rounds, but in case you haven't seen it: Batman 1935.

* the cartoonist Terry LaBan writes about some of the on-line marketing involved in launching his Muktuk Wolfsbreath webcomic.

* here's a bunch of digital stories I've missed: IDW is pressing a stand-alone app strategy, this time focused on its Infestation crossover series; Viz is offering one of its comics ahead of the print release date and continues its push for 99 cents comics. Brigid Alverson's piece here on kids and comics is also worth reading here for its matter-of-fact tone regarding digital comics. Finally, David Brothers has written a nice "where we are right this minute" piece here.

* not comics: what Nicholas Gurewitch is up to right now.

* not only that, but he attended as "Brian Dowling."

* so Borders is probably going to close more stores based on what they hear back on rent concessions from the various landlords involved. This lines up with what most people thought about the initial "final collapse" announcement, that there probably wasn't enough collapsing involved. This is all very bad news for the fabric of comics reading, although most companies have seen this coming for so long from so far away that every possible steeling-self move has been made.

* here are some numbers regarding the number of women holding various positions within comics.

* once again, I've read that comic book. It was pretty good, but it sure wasn't worth $150,000.

* finally, RC Harvey salutes Dick Locher's long run on Dick Tracy. Those are always difficult comics to grasp -- the ones that aren't popular to satisfy all the critics but definitely had fans and kept the property alive in some way or another. Harvey's the man I'd send into that rhetorical burning building every time.
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