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March 17, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* TCAF is looking for programming suggestions.

* Thursday passes have sold out at Comic-Con International, with the initial burst of hotel reservations through the con becoming available tomorrow. I think much more consideration should be given by all parties to my being able to rationally schedule the CR Comic-Con Guide, because right now it's really confusing.

image* Kevin Church is right: there are a lot of decent-to-fun action sequences in Marvel comics in the company's earlier days.

* I can't imagine too many people will want to wait until the weekend to watch Richard Thompson draw.

* when posting a few notes on last week's filing by the Kirby Family for termination of various Marvel copyrights, I was confused by a time and character discrepancy in regards to one or two of the characters, particularly the Rawhide Kid, who were invented before the period the suit claimed to cover. A couple of knowledgeable comics pros and one comics historian-type person all wrote in to say that the Kirby revamp on Rawhide Kid was so sweeping and complete that it could be said to be a new character, and that may have been the reason they were included. (Plus there was one of the occasional skips in publication numbers you had back then by the periodical featuring that name.) Since my knowledge of Marvel's western heroes extends to a few time-traveling issues of Avengers and climbing over them at the local flea market to get at comics I wanted, I'll defer to those much more knowledgeable than I am. Sorry, Marvel Westerns fans. Hey, I need something to read in my old age.

* Woman's Day has a feature up on funny comic strips to reconsider. I never thought I'd be typing that sentence.

* this made me smile.

* so did this. (thanks, Devlin Thompson)

* finally, the comics business news and analysis site has a preview of the forthcoming Diamond Retailer Summit, scheduled to coincide with the Reed convention C2E2.
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