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March 17, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* ReedPop's Lance Fensterman talks to Erin Jameson in advance of this weekend's big C2E2.

image* a review of Everyone Loves You When You're Dead brings out the cheeky caricaturist in Ward Sutton.

* hey, it's an interview with Ben Katchor at The Long And The Shortbox Of It! As someone who failed to get Katchor to interview with The Comics Journal 50 times back in the day (I expect he'll do one there soon), I'm jealous! Katchor, of course, is one of the great cartoonists of our time.

* why some characters don't work.

* the always formidable Brigid Alverson has comics-related Japan disaster updates at Robot 6 and on her own blog.

* DC makes clear its intentions on a book that serves as a tribute to the industry's loss of writer and animation producer Dwayne McDuffie without directly benefiting his family or something similar, which has caused some creators to balk. This kind of awkward weirdness may be, sadly, a more appropriate tribute to McDuffie's career than something that had gone over more smoothly.

* saving for later: Todd McFarlane interviews Stan Lee.

* I'm not that familiar with the writing at 4thletter! by Esther Inglis-Arkell, but this longish meditation on a forthcoming DC event series was interesting to me because it suggests that one enters into such a series with DC from the basis of their characters, which seems to me what they're going for a bit more than Marvel does.

* when Sean Kleefeld noticed the twitter account, the 99 apparently had more members than followers.

* I would read a Doc Savage comic by Chris Schweizer.

* the site Weekly Crisis catches writer Nick Spencer claiming a initial print run sell-out on the first trade for his popular Morning Glories book, and compares it to the public numbers for the book.

* Davids Brothers and Uzumeri discuss Joe The Barbarian, a series that seemed to loom large in previews and then burrowed away from sight as the comic books came out.

* I don't know if it's more shocking that Batman went to Yale or that he occasionally weeps uncontrollably.

* finally, the retailer and industry advocate Brian Hibbs talks about Xombi #1, and mentions what happens when a retailer gets behind a book -- they recommend the shit out of it to all of their customers. This is the primary, important transaction of the Direct Market, the sponsored buy based on a relationship between seller and buyer -- it's one that can't really be duplicated elsewhere. I'm not a serial comics buyer -- I couldn't be if I wanted to be, unless I learned to teleport -- but I have been one in the past and it's powerful when you're a weekly consumer to have someone take something off the stands and stick it onto your little buy pile.
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