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March 18, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* what's with all the funny stuff concerning Watchmen coming out so many days after the film's release? Zak Sally even breaks his typical silence to review the thing.

image* the writer Don MacPherson talks about the DC plan to add back-ups to the comics on which they're raising prices, and provides historical context.

* here's GQ's take on the 20 graphic novels you should read after Watchmen. Hey! They still publish GQ!

* I thought this the most cogent and concise of all the responses I read to Clay Shirky's essay about the modern newspaper being steamrolled by an incomprehensible revolution. I thought this one was a bit too unnecessarily defensive but had the best single point: that it's questionable to see some of the on-line models that are replacing newspapers as successful simply because they're giving away something for free and unsurprisingly doing better than people that want to charge for something -- at least not until they make some sort of self-sustaining profit.

* the longtime comics columnist Augie De Blieck follows up last week's column on comics buying strategies with a much less focused rant on the opportunities for buying stuff he has available to him now and in the future.

* finally, the retailer, writer and festival organizer Chris Butcher has a short update up about the forthcoming Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It sounds like a really good show.
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