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March 18, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is CCI's hotel reservation day, kicking off at 9 AM PT. They'll be doing it slightly differently this year, with the person submitting a list and then having to secure the counter-offer with a deposit within a few days. You can go here to get oriented; I thought they did a good job of unpacking it. As the #1 abuser of the non-deposit system over the last few years -- I think I had 17 rooms at the Kona Kai at one point -- I look forward to seeing how the new system works. And as someone who was totally shut out of last year's stampede, I figure I can't have a worse first day... or can I?

image* Sandy Bilus has started a series of posts on Louis Riel; it'd be nice if they were bookmarked "Louis Riel."

* the longtime writer-about-comics Johanna Draper Carlson, who takes what I'd call a consumer advocate's position with a lot of her writing on the business, looks at marketing to women.

* Brian Fies adds his thoughts to Kurt Busiek's recently active posting on breaking into comics. Brian and Kurt by themselves represent two entirely different ways of getting into comics despite the fact they're in (I think) the same advertising demographic.

* the book wasn't a favorite of mine, but I have to admit this board game promotional item for Foiled is a really cute idea.

* the cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley promises details about volume six in the Scott Pilgrim series this Friday.

* the longtime Chicago area retailer Joe Sarno has been hospitalized.

* I'll run the cover image in next week's "Bundled" rather than here, but you should scoot over to Drawn and Quarterly's web site to read the publishing news announcement for Lynda Barry's Picture This.

* Jeet Heer waxes rhapsodic about his favorite comics store, The Beguiling.

* not comics: this is great news.

* finally, here's another interview with Lance Fensterman, which as always makes me feel much less special. The interviewer asks about the Vs. Wizard stuff, which I think is a) mostly boring, and b) gives Wizard more credit that they're due, so I skipped them, but Fensterman's responses were kind of passive-aggressive and compelling and now I wish I had gone there.
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