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March 18, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund would like you to know of the potential dangers in crossing international borders with comics art.

image* as if solely to delight me, Scott Edelman has a couple of posts up about 1970s rejection letters, featuring 1970s rejection letters.

* I always liked the re-introduction of Banshee into the Marvel Universe in Giant-Size X-Men #1. Professor X is recruiting new mutants to fight a sentient island and somehow happens to catch most of the new team at some relatively dramatic high point in each of their lives. Banshee he finds watching the Grand Ole Opry. Being freed up to watch live music shows would be one of the best things about being a superhero, let's face it.

* Daryl Cagle walks readers through his tsunami cartoons.

* DC Comics cracks down on the comments section in one of their blogs. This is news only in that DC seems to be searching for that workable social media solution in terms of streamlining that stuff into their more general publicity efforts.

* not comics: Reginald's Death.

* Ben Morse on the 1980s Teen Titans characters: "The former New Teen Titans have in large part become the super hero equivalent of the townies that graduate high school and then rather than go to college or move on, just hang around their old haunts trying to relive their glory days but often just coming off desperate; they've become Matthew McConnaghy in Dazed and Confused or Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, but unfortunately not always as cool." That's a funny line, although I wish more people remembered the name David Wooderson, because even that character's name was funny. Also, it seems to me that Speedy as Riggins/Wooderson is sort of apt.

* Vanessa Davis joins the guest-artist crew at Slow Wave this month.

* Mark Evanier talks about the Eisner Hall Of Fame and suggests a couple of ways you might want to vote. I may do something similar later today, but Mark's suggestions are solid.

* the prolific Rina Piccolo suggests that if your sketchbook intimidates you, it may be wise to change your thinking about what that sketchbook represents.

* finally, a look at the modest achievement of the Ultimate Universe.
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