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March 19, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Spider-Girl goes digital-only. Is that a big deal? I can't tell. Also, that character sure is resilient.

image* I missed and shouldn't have this story about the Washington Post futzing with the Post-critical set of re-runs provided them during a recent Doonesbury mini-hiatus. It's worth noting that the Post has a bizarre history when it comes to leaving their strips alone on the page, so seeing them admit an error is both more worthy of note than it might be at the Muncie Star-Press and more laudable than usual given their past.

* speaking of stories I totally whiffed on, my e-mail -- which is like a pneumatic tube system overrun with gerbils and sporting occasional side trips to the moon -- just spit up a note with a link to what seems like a story whereby someone was plagiarizing site content for cartoons? Can anyone out there .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on this?

* the writers Sean T. Collins and Chris Allen were nice enough to engage with this site's Best Of 2008 article. This person, too. Thank you.

* "I was the beard that could bring in all these grotesque whores into the parlor." -- from a fine Art Spiegelman interview conducted by Kiel Phegley.

* if they ever start adapting his cookbook, I'll start reading this series.

* Ororo's O-Face. Warning: naughty. I just don't think I've seen that kind of art from that artist from that era.

* I didn't realize until seeing this piece that 2009 is the 25th anniversary for Usagi Yojimbo. I really like reading those comics. The cartooning is visually appealing, the pacing is pleasurable and beyond the plot similarities to the adventure movies I used to watch when I was a kid, the Usagi comics share their sedate sense of consequence. Usagi's world may be as adult as they come in that events may seem arbitrary and cruel, but it always feel like a parent's hand is guiding it or at least someone like that is nearby watching things over. It's not like it lacks drama, but it's not jerking a set of consequences around to squeeze some sort of false emotional response out of its readers. Anyway, hooray for Stan Sakai and his lifetime achievement a thousand times over. I'm glad I've been able to read those comics.

* a post on the Michael Kaluta mailing list from Jeffrey Jones' daughter says the artist is back in the hospital and has been for about three or four weeks now.

* finally, here's a long discussion at Comics Worth Reading I nearly missed on where the local comics shop fits into the buying habits of a number of comics fans. I'd share, but my local comics shop is three and a half hours away.
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