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March 19, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if you read only one piece of writing on a very busy Friday, make it Tim Kreider's review of Pim & Francie. If you have a bit more time, read Jog on thought balloons. If you're still looking for something to do, make me a sandwich. Seriously, though, those are two good articles.

image* the writer and academic Charles Hatfield has another fine, lengthy event report, this time on Robert Williams at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

* the episode of Marvel Team-Up that dares not speak its issue number.

* the cartoonist Kate Beaton apparently loves Lost. Speaking of Beaton, here's a bigger cartoon I haven't looked at yet.

* the new Power Girl team. I can't imagine many fans of the run #1-12 are going to dig it.

* this depressed me more than made me laugh. Sorry, guys.

* I enjoyed this straight-up-gushing portrait of Tony de Zuniga. Beatings for everyone that does not recognize the awesomeness of de Zuniga!

* that is one odd-looking panel.

* Black Hole Short Film Redux.

* Shannon Smith has published an enjoyable, lengthy list of the mini-comics artists, webcomics cartoonists and anthologies that made 2009 a good one. The list includes:
+ Brad McGinty
+ Dustin Harbin
+ Ed Choy Moorman
+ Ghost Stories
+ James Kochalka
+ J. Chris Campbell
+ Josh Latta
+ Julia Wertz
+ Kate Beaton
+ Megan Rose Gedris
+ Michael Kupperman
+ Patrick Dean
+ Pinstriped Bloodbath
+ Rene Engstrom
+ Sally Bloodbath
+ side B: the music lover's comics anthology
+ Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade
+ T. Avery
+ the 2009 Fluke Anthology
+ the 2D Cloud books
+ The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb
+ the DC Showcase Presents line
+ The Deadbeat
+ the Marvel Essential line
+ the occasional Archie digest
+ The Surogates: Flesh and Bone
+ the Winter 2009 volume of Mome
+ Wednesday Comics
The list is all over the place, but to be honest, so is the way most of us read comics. The write-ups are fun, too, so I hope you'll explore them through the link.

* finally, I wasn't going to run a link to this column by Clifford Meth until he e-mailed me a chillingly recent photo of my dog.
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