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March 19, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Henry Chamberlain on Worth #1. Gabriele Di Fazio on Weekend Alone and Weekend For Two.

* amen, Daniel Spottswood.

* let Kevin Cannon draw you an intersection. Pay Jim Rugg to draw you anything, if you ever get the chance: look at this nice J. Jonah Jameson.

* hey, it's nice press for SAW.

* here's a photoset from a workshop in Latvia. I'm sure when I put that in my bookmarks folder I had all sorts of context in mind. My working theory with Latvia, based on basic American ignorance of the world, is that it's an entire country with weather like White River Junction, Vermont, so everyone makes comics.

* not comics: from the new Newsweek comes words of a major early newspaper archive, which if you know your Nicholson Bakers means a lot of illustration that likely hasn't been seen anywhere else.

* Zainab Akhtar appreciates a Brandon Graham cover.

* Evan Dorkin has some original artwork up on eBay. If you're not interested or not able to bid, you might want at least want to head over and take a look at them. I really like looking at Dorkin's origina art when I get to see it, as criticial as he can be at times with his own art.

* Graham Kahler talks to Tim Root and Benjamin Marra. Ryan Burton talks to Frederik Peeters. Sonia Harris talks to Vincent Iadevaia. Alex Dueben talks to Diana Obomsawin.

* Stan Lee apparently scored a Playboy interview. Andy Khouri has the most thorough going-over of the piece here, and sets up a workable framework for beginning to process Lee's legacy.

* Sammy Harkham covers Strapazin. Rafael Grampá covers All-New X-Men #25.

* Becky Cloonan found solo-work thumbnails in a hard drive and is sharing them with us.

* finally, a lot of you nice folks have passed along links to this Susie Cagle piece on the freelancing life.
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