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March 22, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the federal government is soliciting your thoughts on copyright protection. If you're a U.S. citizen, that is.

image* I'm a huge sucker for tales of pre-1980 comics conventions, so of course I lapped up this post by Steven Thompson about his early convention experiences.

* Jeet Heer brings the deep, deep nerd. Actually, it's not so bad, but the streams he's crossing are pretty atypical.

* well, that's just adorable.

* Marc-Oliver Frisch caught a funny moment from the origin story of the Man of Action collective.

* they forgot Catwoman.

* I thought Gary Tyrrell's write-up of his frustrations with the CCI/Travel Planners system was as cogent as they come, and I've added the problem with not finding out anything to my list of things to ask after.

* somehow I totally missed this Nerve feature apparently collected at Emerald City Comic Con. That's a very funny anecdote from Danielle Corsetto, although it's not one anyone's probably going to offer up at Easter dinner.

* not comics: does anyone have one of these? I'd love to see a photo. (via)

* a bunch of mainstream comics writers are apparently all becoming the same guy.

image* I have no idea why Kevin Huizenga is posting Charles Saxon cartoons to his blog, but I'm not going to complain. Saxon is one of those emblematic cartoonists from the later William Shawn era at the New Yorker, which isn't the easiest period of the magazine to appreciate and one that is even harder to love. He's also the most representative of a kind of attitude the magazine supposedly had towards suburbanites at the time, a perceived contempt that a lot of culture-watchers resented. I wonder if there isn't a lot of material for rediscovery there.

* this is the kind of thing that would figure into one of those lighthearted mystery shows on USA Network.

* I always recommend to everyone that writes about comics that they sit down with the Sunday section from their local -- or near-to-local -- paper, and see what strikes them. Here's a set of reactions from one writer doing just that thing, although not at my urging.

* this is cute, although I didn't stay for very long.

* I've disagreed with a lot of what Tim O'Neil has written recently, but the second of the two reviews here is pretty darn entertaining.

* finally, here's an art-heavy set of photos from Gilbert Hernandez's recent signing in Seattle.
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