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March 22, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* still-reeling bookstore chain Borders is closing 28 more stores. That gives them approximately 400 remaining stores if they work out all their lease issues, maybe 325-340 if they don't. I'm not sure what the number of stores they can run in this economy at this stage in the progression of the publishing business, but I can see people looking at them differently if they dip well under 300.

image* not comics: it's maybe not the first comic in which most folks would see a stage adaptation struggling to break free, but it's certainly one that would be fascinating to see up on its feet. That's a Columbus-area theater company, and you can read the blog posts about the production here. Thank you to Mr. Slaybaugh for sending in the link; everybody break a leg.

* a child's garden of mini-comics.

* not comics: Peggy Burns endorses a Clara Ware review of Tiny Tim's work.

* I love Jack Kirby like little kids love candy, but "To sword! Let us quickly dispatch yon rotund oaf!" sounds a bit more like Lee than it does something Kirby wrote in the margins, and is very funny besides. Someone needs to do a really long piece on Lee's dialogue work, and that someone is not me.

* speaking of Stan the Man, he apparently came up with the name of the concept of the Man-Thing character. Mike Sterling feels sort of bad for not knowing this, although it's difficult to think of that one coming up a lot with Mr. Lee.

* Paul Gravett on XIII. There's a smart comparison of Jean Van Hamme's super-popular series of graphic albums to modern, addictive television serials like Lost. That would explain some things about how that series works with its audience.

* it should be clear to everyone reading this site that "Beethoven Bunagan" wins forever the subject of "names of comics people," and that it's to the industry's everlasting shame that he was apparently lost to comedy.

* here's an early review for the English-language version of Arne Bellstorf's comic about Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrid Kirchherr -- a bunch of people were interested in that one when a link to some German pages made the rounds.

* whatever you do, don't interpret this Avengers Family Tree as entirely based on sexual relationships or you will get confused really quickly.

* finally, the Sequential Artists Workshop has announced its initial fundraiser, for April 24. That's the effort to put a cartooning school in Gainesville spearheaded by Tom Hart and Leela Corman.
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