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March 21, 2017

fRandom Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Hillary Brown talks to Emil Ferris. Michael C. Lorah talks to Peter Bagge. Heidi MacDonald talks to Jeff Lemire.

* only barely comics, but a fine sideways observation made here by Anne Ishii.

* there are some good Superman stories on this list. I like a lot of what is disliked by modern comics readers, random Superman and Lois Lane comics from the 1950s and all the old-school Bizarro stuff. I'm also a big fan of the very early Superman comics, particularly the art by Joe Shuster. I'm not sure how you get a dose of that in one place, though.

* Steven Ringgenberg gets the call from TCJ to write an obituary of the great Bernie Wrightson.

* finally: one more link to this, in case there have been no links to it from me as of yet.
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