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March 23, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I wasn't aware of this corner of EC history at all.

image* Dan Nadel unearths a piece of writing from Russ Manning advocating for the publisher Dell. Dan's right that a lot of the activism on behalf of publishers not named Marvel or DC has to be reconsidered in terms of what we now know about some of those great comics.

* this supporting character single elimination tournament is awfully cute, although I just know Richard Rory is going to take right in the shorts on this one. Richard Rory is very underrated -- he's exactly halfway between the creepy perpetual grad student version of Rick Jones and Ed Begley Jr. If I were running the Marvel Universe, every single time a male superhero became romantically interested in a female supporting character, she'd be dating Richard Rory.

* I enjoyed this blog posting from Craig Thompson about some of the Habibi pages he's going back and re-doing. The glimpses of this book are really pretty.

* someone needs to use this cool painting of Superwoman to play a prank on the fanboys about the direction of the Nolan/Goyer revamp of the Superman movie series.

* not comics: I did not know of this Moomin movie, although considering how obsessively various sites followed the Captain America casting, I wouldn't mind if from now on my only knowledge of the movie industry came from the lighted sign outside my local theater.

* it never occurred to me to see this cartoon as a statement on Sarah Palin's sex life. I just figured Oliphant was portraying her life as a lunatic, overheated soap opera and generally being rude to her.

* Archie sales from 2009.

* I don't know if you like Mitch O'Connell's work or not, but he writes hilarious blog post headings.

* not comics: it's great to hear about a bunch of cartoonists devoting time to the USO. Speaking of which, this image from Gene Ha is both lovely-looking and for a lovely-sounding cause.

* I'm not sure what the problem is with full frontal nudity in Emma when it comes to that being a book for teenagers: when I was a teenager, I loved full frontal nudity.

* Noah Berlatsky and gang look at definitional issues, with an all-star chorus of people commenting in the comments thread. At least that's what Noah tells me, I haven't been over there yet.

* Dean Haspiel is profiled and steals my idea for a new Comics Reporter banner logo.

* best wishes to Evan Dorkin on a medical procedure.

* finally, Johanna Draper Carlson digs into the psychology with which legality issues may be regarded vis-a-vis scanlation sites.
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