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March 23, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sean O'Reilly of Arcana Studios talks about how the battery of troubles at the bookstore chain Borders has had an effect on the company.

image* the hobby business news and analysis site has a pair of interviews up with Mark Siegel about First Second's publishing slate and selling comics in the current market. I always enjoy hearing from Mark Siegel.

* editorial cartoons are subversive.

* iFanboy shares an unsuccessful pitch for an all-ages Lois Lane comic book.

* I'm always a little bit surprised when I hear about potential scheduling problems with big-time comic books, but then I remember there's really no direct, negative effect to these kinds of things, even as much as some folks including myself suspect that there are long-term indirect effects.

* this article by Ben Morse about potential match-ups of superheroes and super-villains that haven't been overplayed in the last 50 years is a lot of fun -- it's like one of the Amazing Heroes articles I liked back in the day. Hard to believe that Kraven and The Black Panther haven't had their issues. Sean Collins is correct here when he suggests that this was a fun aspect of the earlier Marvel books when the State Of The Brand wasn't at issue when bad guys went outside their usual funnybook appearance to fight other superheroes. In addition the Magneto vs. Thor battle he describes, Magneto also had fun tussles with the Inhumans (in Amazing Adventures, I think) and Captain America (in a crazy, Kirby-drawn Annual) before he became too important to the X-Men franchise to do a guest-star turn like that.

* Abhay Khosla and Mark Sable have a long discussion up over at Savage Critics about Secret Avengers #1-5.

* the critic and artist Matt Seneca wants to rub some of his charmed life in your face, with a review of Made In France: Eight Artists And The Graphic Novel. It's like he's making up books to review now.

* Ghost World[s] and Non-Places.

* finally, Sean T. Collins talks about the great Phoebe Gloeckner as a way of taking you to an interview where the cartoonist and artist speaks for herself in her usual smart, forceful fashion.
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