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March 24, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* what Mike Sterling considers the perfect comic. I think it's a really good all-ages adventure comic with a lot of craft elements to recommend it, and it's obviously a pop-culture item with which to be reckoned, so count me on board.

image* Ray Olson picks the best 10 graphic novels to come out since March 15, 2009, although most of them are from 2009 and I'd argue Footnotes In Gaza was, too.

* Graeme McMillan looks at the "Cover Version" concept.

* longtime Marvel editor Tom Brevoort names a few of the company's more prominent extended storyline sagas.

* so I guess some artists are agitating for a Creator-Con alternative to Comic-Con, apparently out of some frustrations with the show. I'm actually stunned that no one's ever tried to just put on a focused show near CCI during that weekend. I don't even see it as a sure sign that people are angry with Comic-Con, as I bet a lot of people would enjoy doing both. I wouldn't spend time going to see a bunch of not-interesting cartoonists, but I'd make the time to go see some good ones if they were nearby. Why not? I plan on shopping at Quimby's during the Chicago Con. One problem I see is that the people who end up trying this have no money whatsoever, because a lot of the stuff that I would imagine working -- honoring CCI badges, for instance -- kind of cut into maximizing the dollar.

* this is beautiful.

image* Sean T. Collins offers a round-up of comics people and the television show Lost.

* Calista Brill expresses her love for The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck.

* Bad-Ass, The Newest X-Man.

* Jeet Heer with more smart talk on word balloons.

* finally, this interview with Ted Adams was described to me as a victory lap for IDW gaining premier status with Diamond, but if you don't get a victory lap for breaking into that club, no one ever gets a victory lap.
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