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March 24, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* so Barnes and Noble may be taking itself off the market. The good news is that such a move should end some projected uncertainty about what a new owner could mean to the massive bookseller chain and the brick and mortar retail avenue its relative health is helping hold together in largely dicey times; the bad news is that the company seems to be taking itself off of the market because the initial reaction from buyers involved a yuck face.

image* here's a much linked-to review in Book Forum where William T. Vollmann tackles the Lynd Ward box set. In the impossibly nerdy review war that is Ward vs. Masereel, he comes down solidly for Ward, which isn't an opinion I've read expressed in some time.

* I haven't found a ton of SPACE coverage out there -- that's the small press show in Columbus that went up against Wizard's Toronto event and C2E2 last weekend -- but here's a straight-forward piece on Candy Or Medicine worth taking in if the subject intrigues you. Bruce Chrislip photo!

* this Tardi-related weekend at the Fantagraphics store looks like a blast, and of course there are few as-worthy subjects.

* Wizard adds an Internet industry veteran to its board of directors as chairman. In the world in which Wizard now operates, this is a major move.

* a couple of articles about etiquette in comics shops and payment methods kicks off an interesting conversation at Johanna Draper Carlson's site (I think you can find everything you need through that link). I've never thought about there being an actual layer of consideration in my interactions with retailers, but I've never had an involved relationship with any of those businesses, like a subscription pile. Or I haven't since age 15. I'm also not certain any retail establishment's opinion on how I pay or what kind of card I use would ever register with me long enough to consider it.

* everything Zook and Cryll. Everything recent and background-appearance related, anyway.

* not comics: you know you're of another era when both your major obituary writer (Mel Gussow) and the primary witness to your talent employed by many obituaries (Paul Newman) are both dead. There's a funny post by Liz Baillie here, and a lovely Facebook gallery cartoon-art portrait of the deceased actress here.

* "This American Life Contributors Explore The Arctic"

* go, bookmark: Fantagraphics opens up a media resources center on their site.

* finally, Ryan Sands is still dismayed by events in Japan a week or so after they became international news, and provides some photos and art as an expression of those feelings. I'm sure everyone reading this shares those feelings.
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