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March 23, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Joe Gordon on Highlander: The American Dream #1. Scott Cederlund on The Abominable Mister Seabrook.

* Albert Ching talks to Mike Marts.

* not comics: I enjoyed Abraham Reisman's interview with Daniel Clowes, likely one of (one of) the more comics-conscious ones the cartoonist will do in the ramp-up to the release of his movie Wilson. It's fun to watch him process those Ditko questions. That movie isn't doing well with critics on the "Critic Average-'em-Upamizer" or whatever it's called, but Art School Confidential did more poorly than this one and I liked that movie just fine. That stuff about the outfit in the Riesman interview is funnier than anything I've seen in a movie this year.

* what in the hell?

* finally: paying tribute to Island, now sunk back into the sea. It's the Dilraj Mann that will be remembered.
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