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March 25, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Brad Bankston and Austin Books & Comics on being named the Small Business Of The Month by that great city's mayor's office. According to the press release, that store has been around since 1977. They get their award today at the store.

image* several of you have sent me a link to this interview with Emily Flake, which I think speaks well of Emily Flake.

* the writer Paul Di Filippo takes a look at the latest Ben Katchor release, The Cardboard Valise.

* over at Robot 6, Sean T. Collins uses an outcome of the way certain links are compressed to provide some potential numbers on the recent Wizard digital initiative. They don't exactly match the rhetoric behind those efforts.

* the artist Stuart Immonen sketches American Idol.

* I'd say Ryan Holmberg's articles on the birth of alternative manga have pretty much been the darling of the early days of the new TCJ. Miss them and have one less thing to talk about over dinner during convention season. Speaking of TCJ, Amy Poodle also continues her look at Grant Morrison's The Invisibles.

* Jason Wood looks at the practice of shipping titles that usually ship 12 times a year more than once a month. I'd say this is a bad idea until the foundation of that market is a lot stronger.

* a short preview of "Rescue Pet," which is apparently being serialized at Maisonneuve. That one looks good.

* Chris Arrant caught something I totally missed: the results of a ComicsPro survey that indicates that alternative covers for certain issues aren't as effect an inducement to order as simply discounting large orders on select issues. What's unknown is how many people participated in the poll, and I suppose there's a criticism that ComicsPro members might not be a representative sampling of retailers -- I'm not making that argument, Brian, I'm suggesting it may be out there -- but I think that's an interesting notion. Hell, ComicsPro members tend to be good retailers, so I'd argue companies should go with the information derived from their polls and surveys raw data unseen.

* a short essay on John Byrne's polar bear in a snowstorm technique.

* finally, Cake Wrecks looks at superhero and related genre cakes. (thx, Robert)
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