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March 24, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Saga Vol. 5. Paul Constant on beds! Beds! BEDS!

* Tom Kaczynski talks to Kid Koala. Peter Bagge talks to Kaz. Mike Dawson talks to Austin English and Bill Kartalopoulos. Sean T. Collins talks to Daniel Clowes. Someone at Sex Life talks to Aidan Koch. Emma Silvers talks to Daniel Clowes.

* the Retrofit Kickstarter is starting to reach the "needs a white knight or two" point, but I've seen last minute rallies cover that amount with half the number left on the board. Retrofit has had a good year, and I think that they should be encouraged to continue on this road they're on right now. I hope it happens.

* finally, Mary & Bryan Talbot write about their latest work: The Red Virgin & The Vision Of Utopia.
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