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March 25, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Nate Patrin on Total Jazz. Mindy Rhiger on The Prince And The Dressmaker. Robin Enrico on Too Dark To See. Derek Marks on Grace, Jerry, Jessica And Me #2.

* two more solid-sounding hires at Lion Forge.

* I found interesting and enlightening this survey article about the treatment of trans characters in a small array of different comic books.

* saw this on Friday, so for all I know it's been discredited by now but I enjoyed reading it. I hope those kids are taken care of and that eventually some sort of non-idiotic status quo can cut them out of their valuable advocacy work.

* applications for the mentorship program at Helioscope will remain open through March 31. Getting access to working artists at a point in time you're developing your own working habits could be a huge thing, and everyone there seems nice.

* finally: Anya Davidson talks to Jessica Campbell.
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