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March 26, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Caitlin McGurk and Erik Pepple, a sublime couple.

image* Charles Hatfield on Archival Quality. Tegan O'Neil on Kim Reaper Vol. 1. Tom Murphy on Get Naked.

* Tini Howard writes about publisher Black Mask's decision not to put a certain work into trade form, or seek a crowd-funded version of same. That is, as pointed out, one of the significant permutations of working in partnership with a publisher.

* here's a big list of "underused" characters by various creators that full under the X-Men umbrella. That can be an interesting question for the comics-makers actively working this part of the field, as the company gets older and as a publishing house they must balance using the more iconic, familiar rosters and maintaining interest in the team properties and maybe even finding story hooks for the minor characters in other media. I like characters like Doug Ramsey and others with non-combat oriented power sets as an avenue into non-fighty narratives, but even then I am not the primary -- or secondary; or tertiary -- audience for such things.

* yikes; this should be so commonplace as to not be noteworthy in 2018. If there is a barrier for this still, I'm glad in this case it's been knocked down.

* finally: a bit of festivals extra: a big Jay N. "Ding" Darling exhibit will likely be the biggest engaging that iconic cartoonist's career. Darling has been revisited this decade by those interested in his conservation and environmentalist pedigree.
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