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March 27, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Kurt Ankeny talks to Tyler Landry. Ron Rosenbaum profiles Molly Crabapple.

* this is so old -- solely because of my inability to catch it -- that I really can't make it its own post without confusing people, but an award called the Prix Tournesol went to Derf back at Angouleme. It's one of the outside awards that kind of drafts behind the big show, but it should have been noted. I was busy being enraged by the Festival's terrible attempt at spinning its Grand Prix fiasco, but there's no real excuse.

* go, look: Al Columbia drawing Sea Monkeys. Here's another Columbia from the same source, the Facebook account of the newspaper anthology Smoke Signal. Their latest issue features a Columbia cover that's pretty amazing.

* I don't know that I totally trust this link -- it took me a to January/February sale when I initially used it myself -- but if it doesn't poke around at their site and social media and you should find Fantagraphics doing an "underground sale." Of the works that I saw offered, and I hope the same works will be offered again or this commentary is useless, I liked the Sacco humor book and generally admire the work of Patrick Rosenkranz.

* finally, cutest exhibitor ever.
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