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March 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Heidi MacDonald talks to Dan Fogler. RJ Casey on Oblivion Song #1. Tom Baker on Dry County #1.

* in my versions of the Avengers movies, Richard Schiff as Dr. Druid is always off-camera: on monitor duty, taking minor cases as they come in, skulking about in other team-members' rooms for no reason.

* Darryl Ayo has kind words for the part of the Grant Morrison New X-Men run that featured artist Frank Quitely, and no time for anyone else. While Morrison has one good superhero comic books with artists not in Quitelys class, I thought the X-Men stuff only worked with that artist. For no particular reason I remember Kim Thompson was fond of those comics, too.

* Ayo's twitter run reminded me that when I hear about people reacting to comics now, it's usually whether or not a character conformed to expectation or not, which strikes me as perhaps the most boring, deeply unfortunate way to interact with popular art one can imagine.

* finally: I'm not sure any are still available for sale, but check out Drew Friedman drawing Boris Karloff.
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