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March 29, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Xaviar Xerexes relates word that Patrick Farley would like to return to webcomics making and may need a bit of your cash to get started.

image* it was hard for me to get through this long essay on how Kurt Busiek ruined superhero comics, but I think I managed to disagree with every single idea that it suggested. You may do better than I did in both getting through it and retaining enough of it to make an argument of it.

* the great Paul Gravett goes through some of the simplistic misunderstandings that folks bring to manga.

* Alan Gardner notes that Paul Gilligan referring to Wiley Miller as a douchebag for entering his panel that sometimes runs in a strip space as a strip in the NCS Awards. It's a very lively comments thread, although I'd be lying if I said the first thing I did was something other than run a search to see if Miller himself responded (he didn't).

* Russ Manning: Kinky? Well, yeah. That little skirt Magnus wore made me feel all squishy inside and that comic was 15 years before my time.

* this made me laugh. And so did this, I'm not shamed to admit.

* more on the scanlation debate. I would greatly prefer it if scolding were the answer. I'm great at scolding.

* finally, don't anyone panic, but I think the genre-destroying writer Kurt Busiek may have lost his mind.
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