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March 29, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Ng Suat Tong on the comics of Stella So.

image* J. Chris Campbell is super fired up for convention season. I tagged the post for its enthusiasm -- and the fact that convention season is definitely here. I only wish I were smart enough to run posts just so I could have access to a snappy image, but I'll take that opportunity when presented to me for sure. One reason conventions are fun is because you get to check in with artists like Campbell.

* well, of course they would: Brides profiles Scenes From An Impending Marriage.

* an early Warren Ellis story. Ellis ramped up to speed really quickly.

* not comics: these Ivan Brunetti and Jordan Crane book covers look swell.

* here's the ComicsPro post about what incentives retailers respond to that's been discussed here and elsewhere over the last several days.

* I read comic books and know what a vorpal sword is, but even I find the thought of what Berke Breathed comics might look like in an alternate universe featured on the TV show Fringe to be super, super nerdy.

* not comics: not even sure I know how to describe this. The actual article does the trick, I guess.

* the cartoonist Frank Santoro continues his always-interesting talk about panel grid layouts and how they have an impact on our comics-reading. Plus this installment he provides pretty examples from his own art pile. While you're over at TCJ, make a point of checking out Brandon Graham in the cartoonist diary role. If you have more than a few minutes, settle in with this archived Tom Sutton interview. Sutton was an original cartoonist, thinker and artist, and this interview captures a bit of what talking to him was like.

* I'd recommend more things from the TCJ site, but they have Tom De Haven writing reviews of Gilbert Hernandez books and I'm too intensely jealous to do anything more than flop my hands around and wail.

* yes, you should give Mutuk a try.

* there's been very little new taking place in that small area of intersection between the calamity in northern Japan and the world of comics, but there are a few things out there if you look around, such as this effort by members of Portland's Periscope Studios to raise money by selling art depicting things from Japanese pop and comics culture.

* finally, I totally missed this audio piece with the very articulate and talented David Chelsea.
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