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March 30, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* all hail Uncle Ron.

* ComiXology was more than the average amount of psyched to announce their retailer tools app.

image* there's a fine interview with James Sturm here.

* Brian Doherty writes a review of R. Crumb's Genesis and gets it done in a few graphs because he's Brian Effin' Doherty.

* the Man of Steel once again edges ahead of the Dark Knight in the American Icons' duel to see which one can better embody the horrifying divide between haves and have-nots in today's recession-soaked America.

* it's impossible to write a headline with the words Alan Moore in it that would surprise anyone.

* the trailer to Scot Pilgrim Vs. The World gave the comics a boost. Well, why wouldn't it?

* Graeme McMillan ends his long look at the Chris Claremont-era X-Men comics with a look at the issues running up to Uncanny X-Men #200. It's a good series of little critical, even though McMillan's completely wrong about everything.

* I don't think I could steal a comic book vending machine, it's probably awfully big, but I'd give it a try. (thanks, Devlin Thompson)

* I wish I had Borders' problems. Wait, no I don't. Wait, I sort of already do.

* finally, Gary Tyrrell looks at PAX East, a convention related to comics in the unique way that it's organized around a comic whose focus is also the subject matter of the convention. It also looks genuinely well-attended.
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