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March 30, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a longish interview with Todd McFarlane, covering general ground.

image* so Gary Dunaier went to MoCCA's opening reception for their Will Eisner's New York exhibit early in March, and took a bunch of cool photos. Speaking of photos, look at the blow-up of this one. Did Eisner work that relatively small? Cushlamochree.

* not comics: the moral of this story told by Gil Roth is doubly true for comics, where it's even less likely that there's some value to be had in being acquainted with something you personally don't care for but has wider cultural purchase. I guess one benefit of the mainstream companies aggressively over-publishing within narrow parameters -- doing 11 X-Men books if one X-Men book is selling -- is that it may ironically help batter as many fans away from a specific kind of devoted buying of material they don't enjoy as it does rope them into buying the entire group. The pattern still exists with several readers, though.

* not comics: reading a bunch of articles the other day about the earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan made me wonder if I ever ran a link that John Platt was nice enough to send along about Ann Nocenti's work in Haiti after their devastating earthquake.

* the writer and critic Sean Collins suggests that you take advantage of a sale offered up by the talented cartoonist Lane Milburn. I like Milburn, too.

* there's a fascinating article here -- part of what sounds like it will be a really welcome series -- on the coloring of Jack Kirby's comics at Hillman. Dan Nadel's warning that the article goes "Deep Santoro" is apt and funny.

* Michael Cavna has a bit more on Lloyd Dangle's post-Troubletown plans at Comic Riffs.

* this post about Russ Maheras taking Stan Lee up on his Secrets Of The Comics appraisal of work offer 25 years after that book's publication is pretty entertaining.

* finally, dueling marshmallows.
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