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March 31, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* my new hero, Dwayne McDuffie

image* Eric Reynolds has a nice little essay up about buying the new Muppet Show comic book at his local comic book store. I agree with him that it's hard for an adult with his background and inclinations to find comics to buy on a regular basis, and Eric's tastes aren't really wacky or out there or anything. I also share his discouragement at the practice of variant covers, which I believe people defend on the basis that it works and it's just one of those things like the favor given number one issues no matter what that indicates dysfunction at the heart of certain ways of making comics available. I think it would take someone with deep pockets and a specific mandate to even try to resuscitate the quality non-adventure periodical. While that's not impossible -- there are theaters and publishing houses out there that remain viable while mining an even more limited audience with works much more obtuse than a Roger Langridge comic -- I'm not expecting a non-profit, serial comics-only, single line-wide format publisher to pop up any time soon. I think that way of doing comics has through multiple cuts bled out past the point of being able to lift its head up and recognize the Eric Reynolds kind of customer, and soon may have its temperature drop past the "superhero-plus" customer as well.

* not comics: I knew I should have allowed comments.

* oh, so that's what that means.

* finally, everyone except IDW please stop now.
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