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March 31, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer and comics historian Mark Evanier revisits the Creators Rights controversies of the 1980s as recently discussed by Steve Bissette.

image* that's a good deal and Jim was an astounding comic book.

* Jog writes eloquently of the late Paul Ollswang's Doofer: Pathway to McEarth a potential and not very well-known top 100 comic of the 20th Century and a publication that used to be the best thing you could buy if you visited the Fantagraphics warehouse (back before they had the store.) Ollswang always seemed caught between generations to me. A lot of his peers do now, but he really did, and it was obvious at the time.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco feels silly for not being in on the joke. That's okay; it took me 17 years to figure out The Lockhorns were called The Lockhorns because "They Locked Horns." It also took me until yesterday to figure out that the "Blue" in NYPD Blue had two meanings.

* crap, I had money on Moose.

* not comics: congratulations to Robert Kirkman and his collaborators on The Walking Dead being greenlit. I don't really cover movies, but that's a very good comic book series, and it could be a very good TV show with obvious benefits directly falling to the comic book series.

* Sean T. Collins on The Diary Of A Teenage Girl (the comic). Sean T. Collins on The Diary Of A Teenage Girl: The Play.

* finally, it turns out the whiteness of Imhotep in a Marvel comic comes down to a production error.
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