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March 30, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough takes a look at distinct works from Steve Lafler and Lance Ward.

* I don't like to run outright "go, look" posts driving people for art that's not contextualized for study and that seems like the kind of thing its owner would still like to publish, but this is a deservedly well-remembered short-story by Barry Windsor-Smith featuring a pair of Kirby classics.

* Mike Lynch went to the Ed Emberley exhibit in Worcester, and all we got was this decidedly not-lousy photo-festooned report. Lynch also wrote a little report about visiting a bar with Al Capp art on its walls. He is today's MVP for sure.

* Namor the Sub-Mariner being an arrogant dick is always hilarious. I think if Marvel opened their formula a little more in terms of how the protagonists operate, you could get pretty good solo comics out of Namor and out of Morbius The Living Vampire, whom I'm convinced would be the Marvel Universe's Justin Bieber in terms of popular attraction/disgust.

* finally, Jim Rugg draws Walter Sobchak.
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