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April 1, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the artist Jai Nitz was accused of unwanted attention and harassment at the University of Kansas, forcing him to leave his table at this weekend's convention in Kansas City due to "family emergency" and forcing a promise from publisher Dark Horse the allegations will be investigated. Nitz graduate from the school in 1998 and was a guest of the journalism department when according to the allegation the predatory behavior took place.

image* missed that the Snagglepuss as 1950s gay southern playwright comic DC did last year won the GLAAD media award last week. That's an interesting award for how the context has changed even within mainstream/indy-genre comics. It no longer feels like a prize just for having popular-seeming characters reflect a bit of the variety of the real world. What it is now hasn't yet become all the way clear.

* this is a subject of interest to the comics communities, too. Two things popped out about the article. There is no difference between between now and 2014 not explained by recent political turmoil. Still, I think a lot of what's going on is that the processes involved have aged community to community. There were opportunities for perpetual on-line engagment as far back as 1994, but not in this limited, and specific a way. You get a hyper-customized meal of nonsense served to you and don't have to engage in the smallest amount of effort to be entertained by it. No one likes to engage in arguments about things getting dumber and more self-indulgent -- no one likes a whiny egghead but that seems more substantially different in the content of that part of life than anything else. The first cousin of dumb is cruelty.

* finally: Jim Carrey is still doing political cartoons and one of them over the weekend was able to raise the ire of Mussolini's granddaughter. I can't imagine being happy to see your grandparents' murder depicted, but complaining about it as if it's some shocking breach of decorum seems insane even during a year like 2019.
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