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April 3, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* all sympathies to my peer Don MacPherson for the not-surprisingly awful actions of someone lashing out at legitimate coverage that made them look like what they look like, and the shabby treatment he received from an Internet-related business for which he was a good customer. I think he's right in that there are some scary implications for this kind of thing moving ahead, mostly deriving from the ease with which certain switches can be thrown on and off compared to the havoc they can cause in someone doing what they want to do, even professionally. The outcome in the case in question is also absolutely deplorable.

image* the great Dylan Horrocks slips into the diarist slot at TCJ and I couldn't be happier.

* I hope I never get so jaded that the words, "hey, there's a new Achewood up" never fail to generate at least a "woo-hoo!"

* Noel Murray on various comics.

* I'm very, very glad Mike Baehr survived this ugly-looking incident unhurt (or at least not dramatically so). There's a selfish aspect to it, too: people like Baehr are absolute anchors for the world of comics.

* not comics: Box Brown shares a playlist, while Monte Schulz blogs. Also: baby talk.

* D+Q notes that recent newsmaker Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was a subject of attention in Guy Delisle's Burma Chronicles book from a few years ago. There's a good chance that if you've read that book and encountered that news you either made the connection or wondered after it, but it's nice to have it stated openly.

* the cartoonist Dan Clowes isn't going anywhere, but if he did, here's one writer's Legion Of Substitute Dan Clowes.

* Fred Klein talks to Monte Schulz. Corey Creekmur profiles Jaime Hernandez. Jason Michelitch profiles Jaime Hernandez.

* finally, Marc Arsenault shares a recent post about his comics-shopping habits and how the way the industry is oriented right now makes it difficult for him to pursue comics the way he likes to pursue comics. I think this is one of those fundamental issues of comics that gets discussed very little, the way the entire orientation of the industry can leave people that are dying to buying comics out in the cold.
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