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April 2, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Brian Nicholson interviews Connor Willumsen over at TCJ. Willumsen is a very interesting comics-maker.

image* Todd Klein on Swamp Thing #39. Sean Gaffney on Captain Ken Vols. 1-2. Nick Smith on Room For Love.

* I've been intending to find a way to call special attention to this Steven Heller profile of and interview with Elham Atayi. Its own starred section in this random news will hopefully do. It's really interesting.

* a student editor and a non-student editor write about the decision to run images of Muhammed related to the Charlie Hebdo story. That's a tough decision.

* Mike Dawson talks to Zack Soto about Kingdom Come.

* here's a report from the big Being Non-Compliant Panel at ECCC.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco looks at some of the comics wrapping up with DC's event series on the horizon.

* Ron Marz writes about the DC offices closing up. I only ever visited them in New York three times. There was a curious energy there the first time I got a tour, enough so that even some of the people I was visiting asked me about it. I got to meet Archie Goodwin there. I hope everyone has landed well.

* I'm enough to the side of mainstream comics anymore I thought there might have been 250 consecutively numbered Deadpool comics.

* finally, Sam Bosma will be teaching in May in Minneapolis. I'd list it for then, but my hunch is that it's more important you sign up now.
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