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April 2, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Andy Oliver on The Times I Knew I Was Gay.

* Dan Nadel digs into Fantagraphics' All Time Comics effort. I like some of the comics that are done in that general developing genre, where the aesthetics of older junk-genre comics are taken as-is and then new material close to the old is created. The one issue of these Fantagraphics comics I read didn't offer me any kind of in into what they were doing that I can easily find, say, with the Michel Fiffe Copra comics or much of what Ben Marra and Josh Bayer do on their own. To see Nadel reject the material is therefore interesting to me and makes me want to stick with the books for a while, even if I end up in the same place Dan is.

* the writer G. Willow Wilson has an interesting and I think new response to some of the latest talk about diversity in established big-media publishing. I think Marvel has created its current marketplace in nearly every way. Blaming one element of the countless things they've done over the last several years seems like it's going to miss the mark in stupendous fashion.

* finally, Rik Offenberger talks to Joe R. Lansdale.
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