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April 4, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Michael Cavna talks to Darrin Bell about his Candorville strips on Trayvon Martin.

image* the StudyGroup 12 folks have a Facebook page up for your liking or for your secret detesting while clicking "liking."

* I haven't confirmed this, but yuck if it's true and yuck if it's almost true.

* David Brothers on Sharknife. Rob Clough on various mini-comics anthologies. Greg McElhatton on Ragemoor #1. Sean Gaffney on Is This A Zombie? Vol. 1. Sean Kleefeld on Accidental Ambassador Gordo and Shuteye. Nina Stone on Supurbia #1. Rob Wells on Viz: Cleveland Steamer. Johanna Draper Carlson on Bunny Drop Vol. 5. Someone whose name I can't tell on Special Exits.

* yikes.

* not comics: via Devlin Thompson, here's a piece of Gray Morrow film art.

* Shaenon Garrity solves the American comics industry with cats.

* not comics: Tatsumi reviewed by the New York Times.

* the writer and Kirby advocate Rob Steibel takes a look at theories that afford Stan Lee either the majority or the entirety of the creation of Marvel's 1960s superhero characters. I always like theories about Stan Lee because I think he's actually an underrated force in comics culture when it comes to how we view what comics-makers do and what's valuable about comics.

* David Brothers writes about a promise by Mark Millar to make a top-selling black character in comics.

* finally, you can buy David Hahn's house.
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