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April 3, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Matt Seneca on Little Bird.

* Samantha Puc digs into recent allegations against creator Jai Nitz about a series of harassment incidents. It is tough reading, but I hope as many people as possible dive into it. There was a time, and it might still be that time for some people, were it was weirdly demanded of harassment incidents that they follow a really rigid Afterschool Special scene of violence expressly declared against protestations of same. Puc's description of near-perpetual, aggressive disruption of boundaries seems to paint a different picture and I think a more revealing one that doesn't allow a script out. Both are incidents of violence, and everything like them needs to be gone forever. Our deepest sympathies to the victims in this case. Dark Horse has ended their relationship with the creator.

* Alex Dueben talks to Sara Elfgren.

* finally: Steve Ringgenberg on the late Ken Bald.
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