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April 4, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Laura Snapes on Last Of The American Girls.

* fingers crossed they're talking about comics.

* here are Tom Palmer's picks for the year 1994. A lot of pretty good choices make that list; I was never a Hepcats fan, though.

* another day, another flare of the general issue of pirating comics. Given sales, especially single-unit comic book sale, the idea that some are choosing to read for free is bound to be an issue. I still hew pretty closely to the creators rights construction here.

* your 2019 Dinky Awards nominees.

* the story of Harold E. Russell and the Cincinnati Red-Legs.

* finally, if you missed it congrats to Katie Skelly on her near-immediate sell-out of a first printing of Maids #1 and jump in line for the mid-April second printing now.
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