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April 6, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Laura Hudson over at ComicsAlliance pulls at the Eisner Awards' decision this year not to do a Best New Series category. I'm all for the Eisner judges dropping categories they don't believe work -- I'd be all for their dropping categories randomly just to make the show shorter -- but I'm not sure I see how that's a deficient list of submissions.

image* Steve Scher talks to Larry Reid and Jim Woodring.

* Steve Bissette drew this for a young Joe Hill.

* the cartoonist Joe Ollmann is apparently getting extra work as a second story man.

* Chris Sims puts out for display a few made-up Batman manga pages used in one of the animated cartoons for only a few seconds of time.

* not comics: Mr. Hibbs goes to Washington.

* Richard Bruton on No More Heroes #1. Sean Gaffney on The Drops Of God Vol. 3. Johanna Draper Carlson on Between Gears. Jeet Heer on The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 1. Josh Kopin on King City.

* Ten bad days for Doctor Doom.

* finally, one source suggests that two of the 100 top journalists of the last 100 years are cartoonists.
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