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April 7, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Leigh Walton spent much of his weekend live-blogging the 24-Hour Comics Drawopocalypse at Portland's Cosmic Monkey Comics.

image* Jason's Low Moon is funny, and free, and everyone should be reading it.

* the cartoonist Jeff Levine reviews 365 Days.

* BDZoom provides a deadline for the Prix Raymond Leblanc, 2007-2008. It offers an over $15,000 cash prize and provides for re-publication of the winning work. I think more American awards should give away cash. Right now there's only one that I can think of, and it's a mini-comics prize. If they paid in cash and only to the winner, attendance at comics awards would probably go up.

* the New York Comic-Con panel schedule is up now in PDF form. On first glance, that looks like a pretty interesting suite of presentations, with a great deal of wonky subject matter, how-to talk and industry nattering thrown in among the more obviously promotional programming. NYCC gears up not this Friday but the Friday afterwards.

* the cartoonist Dan Piraro provides a succinct, Mencken-like goodbye to the actor and activist Charlton Heston, and recalls an older cartoon about Heston's future death that received some hate mail.

* I have to admit, I'm greatly confused by the amount of energy expended on trying to figure out why The Brave and the Bold hasn't been a bigger hit with readers. Frankly, I'd be baffled if it were a hit -- and that's an opinion that has nothing to do with the comic's merits.

* the French-language comics industry site has a bit more on Enki Bilal's efforts on behalf of the nation of Tibet.

* not comics: the writer and Alan Moore major works commentarian Jess Nevins provides some background on Japan and automatons.

image* expect a lot more about Free Comic Book Day as it approaches May 3. It's a fun thing to talk about because of the promotion's uneven endorsement by various stores (some are enthusiastic, some are grudging, some don't participate) and what you can read into each publisher's choice of what to showcase. At left is the cover to D&Q's offering.

* I don't ever recall seeing an interview with the Flex Mentallo and All-Star Superman artist Frank Quitely, which I'm guessing means this is a rare thing and I don't read enough interviews.

* exclusivity contracts -- contracts that guarantee that a certain portion if not all of a creator's works come from one company, in exchange for a guaranteed rate/amount of work and perhaps health insurance and other incentives -- are pretty common in mainstream comics, but they're usually seen with Marvel and DC, not with a publisher like IDW. I would assume like many of the Big Two contracts of the same sort that this contract with artist Ben Templesmith doesn't extend to work like his Image book with Warren Ellis, Fell, and he'll be allowed to continue it. And I see a couple of hours later that this is so.

* the retailer and writer Chris Butcher grades his 2007 predictions.

* there are bound to be a few articles out there that compare Marvel's latest crossover Secret Invasion with the older DC crossover with similar themes, Millennium, but I doubt many will be this thorough.

* finally, you should probably check out this photo of Nico and Andy Warhol dressed as Batman and Robin.
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