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April 7, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Karneval Vol. 1. Shea Hennum on BORB.

* Shannon Watters put together some extended Twitter commentary on a Kate Leth comic about showing non-hetero couples and characters on TV. That's a lovely commentary. I think that's a great use of art, maybe the greatest, especially before you're at an age when satire begins to have a benefit. I know as someone who just wanted to understand some things that I suspected were different than what I was told, the pop culture I consumed as an early teenager made a huge difference in opening my eyes to aspects of human existence not directly my own. But a direct message that also specifically comforts and invites people to be part of a wider human experience? I can't even imagine. That's a huge blessing when art can do that.

* Megan Kirby profiles Lucy Knisley. Carolina A. Miranda talks to Scott McCloud. Matt O'Keefe talks to Rob Guillory. A bunch of people talk to Mike Mignola.

* finally, I have no idea why an ancient (in Internet terms) post about Walt Kelly's lettering ended up in my bookmarks, but have at it. Ditto this oddball thing.
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