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April 8, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* veteran of the North American manga trade Dallas Middaugh moves from Kodansha to Crunchyroll.

image* Alex Hoffman on The Hospital Suite. Todd Klein on GI Zombie #7. Andy Oliver on Death Of The Artist.

* not comics: Josh Jones walks us through several artists' takes on The Divine Comedy.

* is The Spirit a comic book?

* the cartoonist and comics-maker Gene Luen Yang provides unvarnished but smart advice on how to break into comics, focusing on how to get to the point where you can make publishable comics rather than any sort of fundamental preparation or tricks for tweaking the publishing system.

* I'm trying to think of a way this kind of technology could have an impact on comics, but I'm only coming up with really exhaustive convention coverage, which doesn't seem to me like something that will ever be in that much demand.

* go, look: Abdelkader Benchamma.

* this is a very funny cover, and these are two handsome ones.

* Jay Ruttenberg talks to Jeffrey Lewis.

* finally, here's a review of the Cerebus: High Society DVD suite.
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