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April 8, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* here's an attempt at an oral history of webcomics. I haven't found time to go read it yet. I can't imagine anything like this would make anyone 100 percent happy. Webcomics weren't only legitimately and terrifically diverse and wide-ranging and thus hard to pin down, it suffered from an additional blind-men-feeling-an-elephant factor where folks could be made to feel as if their corner of that world were the entire world. I appreciate the attention to webcomics as its own thing, no matter how it turns out. Let's hope.

* not comics: more Walking Dead television. I've been staring at those shows to see if they gave me an idea what might be done with the comic book longterm, and damned if I can tell anything worth reporting.

* not comics: show business people are weird.

* Scott Cederlund on Little Bird #1.

* not comics: Preacher will end after season four. I was never a great fan of that comic book series, but there was some interesting writing and acting on that TV show. It was super-uneven, though. I always wonder what happens to great big comics series like that if the legitimizing TV show is more of a handshake than high-five.

* Gary Tyrrell focus his Mocca Festival coverage on what various folks within his primary coverage area might be up to in the near future. Lot of names, lot of news.

* finally: here's an article about Jean-Philippe Bretin designed a publication of Yuichi Yokoyama's.
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