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April 10, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Jen Vaughn has the CCS summer workshop line-up for your perusal.

image* Nicole Rudick on Kramers Ergot Vol. 8. Sean T. Collins on A Game Of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1. Matthew Thurber and Rebecca Bird on Lost And Found. David Brothers on Thief Of Thieves. Henry Covert on Sorrow #1. Greg McElhatton on Farm 54. Don MacPherson on various comics. John Kane on various comics. Sean Gaffney on Skip Beat! Vol. 27. Nina Stone on BPRD Hell On Earth: The Pickens County Horror #1. James Hunt on Lenore #5. Seth Robison on that Morgan Spurlock Comic-Con documentary.

* here's a new installment of that "this many months/years ago in comics history" feature I liked the first time it showed up.

* this is a heartwarming story.

* not comics: via longtime, much-appreciated CR reader Danny Ceballos comes a link to this story about the ultimate Rube Goldberg machine. I'm more of a Rowland Emett guy, but the Rube Goldberg contests are probably my favorite under-the-rader comics infiltration of North American culture not Sadie Hawkins-related.

* Frank Santoro profiles a variety of new talents. Karl Kelly talks to Matt Smith. Shaun Manning talks to Bobby Curnow. Tim O'Shea talks to Matt Kindt. JK Parkin talks to Jim McCann.

* two really nice posts from Caitlin McGurk: one is about the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library's acquisition of a bunch of the Mexican satirical publication Multicolor, to which I can only respond, "Well, all right." The other is an Edwina Dumm-related post: I'm a fiend for Dumm.

* Dave Press drives our attention to a comics-related talk show.

* the sites that pay close attention to the mainstream comics companies seem to believe there are hiring shifts at DC, centered around Bobbie Chase.

* the alternate title for this post is "take that, oldsters!"

* two response-driven posts: 1) Chris Sims reblogging Abhay Khosla on Darwyn Cooke on Before Watchmen. 2) Brian Hibbs on Mark Waid on the rising costs of print comics.

* Evan Dorkin draws (and writes about) the Mole Man. Luke Pearson covers Lucky Jim.

* finally, Sean Kleefeld talks about self-image.
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