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April 10, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Ancestor. Todd Allen on Deathstroke: The Professional. Philippe Leblanc on A Hollowing.

* Bill Sienkiewicz pays tribute to Bernie Wrightson.

* go, look: a short video from the illustrator Mattias Adolfsson, an Internet favorite and someone whose on-line sketchwork I've enjoyed quite a bit over the years. It's on fountain pens.

* Oliver Sava profiles Michael DeForge. Jim Griffiths profiles Badiuaco.

* as far as inspirations for graphic novels go, a huge bank merger is one I've never heard before.

* I feel it's worth noting the NYT obituary for Jack Ziegler: a favorite of many of his fellow cartoonists, according to a surprising number of e-mails I've received.

* finally: how delightful is Ed Koren? I mean come on!
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