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April 12, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Eric Stephenson argues for the power of creator-owned work in the best way possible: naming names. I think in comics we settle for arguments about possibilities and theoretical outcomes rather than just make lists.

image* I enjoyed this enthusiastic appreciation of Stan Sakai's skill as a letterer from the writer David Brothers.

* Steve Lieber draws The Spirit.

* Michael Buntag on School Run #2-4 and Dekada. Gabe Bridwell on those recent Rian Hughes-designed Iron Man comics.

* Joshua Hale Fialkov writers about the writer's life.

* not comics: JJ Sedelmaier talks about EG Lutz' Animated Cartoons, basically a how-to bible for the early Disney folks, including Disney.

* some nice person at King Features talks to Jonathan Mahood. Tom Racine talks to Stacy Curtis. Some guy in a suit talks to Alan Moore. D'arcy Doran profiles D+Q.

* finally, I'm not exactly sure how this Etsy listing ended up in my bookmarks folder, but I bet there's someone out there that might want the item being sold.
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