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April 11, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* the idea of spacing out these genre franchise films enters the discussion. That could have an effect on comics down the road, and could also not have any effect at all.

* here are fun DC Comics series hampered by having to co-exist with continuity reboots.

* a local comic book store event can still be a worthwhile event for those involved.

* by request extra: the fundraiser for medical bills caused by a post-convention hemorrhage suffered by Joyce Chin is at its halfway point. Please consider giving.

* a community's first comic book shop is still a big deal.

* Evan Chung profiles Cathy Guisewite. Sean Logan profiles Gahan Wilson. Michael Krasny profiles Brian Fies. Karen Sloan talks to Carmelo Chimera.

* finally: it's not easy being green.
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